Monday, May 21, 2018

British Secret Projects 2
Jet Bombers since 1949

War From the Ground Up
Twenty-First-Century Combat as Politics
(Shortlisted for British Army Book of the Year)

The End of The Gallop
The Battle for Kharkov
February-March 1943

The Battle of the Dnepr
The Red Army's Forcing of the East Wall,
September-December 1943

Pouring With Rain - Troops Fed Up
British Second Army and the
Liberation Offensive in Flanders 1918

A Most Enigmatic War
R.V. Jones and the Genesis
of British Scientific Intelligence

We have just acquired a comprehensive & very interesting Book Collection.
Mainly aviation, but some maritime and some modelling titles.
Laid out on Two Tables and All at Bargain Prices,
They won't last long, so nip in and have a look.

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