Monday, March 31, 2014

Ian K Baker's
Aviation History Colouring Book 80
RAAF Colour Schemes &  Markings,
1921-1951 Part 13a

Ian K Baker's
Aviation History Colouring Book 81
RAAF Colour Schemes &  Markings,
1921-1951 Part 13b

The Death of Glory
The Western Front 1915


Storm Over The Gilberts
War in the Central Pacific: 1943

I Didn't Know That
Cairns and Districts, Tully to Cape York,
Service Personnel and Civilians

P-47 Thunderbolt at war

Friday, March 28, 2014

Catalina Chronicle.
A history of RAAF Operations
second edition 1 copy only scarce.
HB $200

Strike and Strike Again
455 Squadron RAAF 1944-45.
Scarce 1 copy only.
HB $225
 Tobruk to Tarakan.
HIstory of the 2/48th AIF Battalion
second edition HB Scarce 1 copy

 All the King's Enemies.
A History of the 2/5th Australian
Infantry Battalion.
second Edition HB Scarce 1 copy.

Nothing Over Us.
The History of the 2/6th Australian
Infantry Battalion
HB Scarce 1 copy.
 Osprey Air Vanguard 13:
Albatros D.III
PB $25

 Osprey PB
The Knight Who Saved England:
William Marshal and the 
French Invasion 1217.

Black Vortex:
One Man's Journey into Africa's Wars.
Photo Album.
Helion HB $75
 Sharing the Secret.
A History of the Intelligence 
Corps 1940-2010.
HB $95

 Beyond the Reach of Empire.
Wolseley's Failed Campaign
to Save Gordon and Khartoum.
HB $105

Osprey Myth's and Legends 8:
Troy-Last War of the Heroic Age.
PB $25

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A History of the World in 100 Weapons

An Illustrated History
The Definitive Visual Guide

The Scapegoat
The Life and Tragedy of a Fighting
Admiral and Churchill's Role in His Death

Flesh in Armour

Mapping The First World War
Battlefields of the Great Conflict
from above

Generals Die in Bed

Australia in Arms

The Middle Parts of Fortune


ANZAC to Amiens

Storm of Steel

An ANZACs Story

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Voyage Guided by the Stars and
the Men Who Mapped the World's Oceans

The Parthenon Enigma
A Journey into Legend

American Sniper
Memorial Edition

From The Rise of Hitler
to The Fall of Dunkirk

Blood, Tears and Folly
An Objective Look at World War II

The True Story of the
Battle of Britain

Friday, March 21, 2014

 Militia Battalion at War
History of the 58/59th Australian
Infantry Battalion in the Second  
World War.
SC Rare 1 Copy Only

Doomed Battalion
The Australian 2/40 Battalion 1940-45.
First Edition SC 1 Copy Only
An Illustrated History of the 
Festiniog Railway.
OPC Laminated Boards Edition
 In the Footsteps of Ghosts
With the 2/9th AIF Battalion in 
the African Desert and the Jungles
of the Pacific
SC Scarce 1 copy only
 The Silent 7th
An Illustrated History of the 7th 
Australian Division 1940-46
HB Scarce 1 Copy only
 The Purple Devils
2/6 Australian Commando Squadron
HB First Edition Rare 1 Copy Only
Signed by Author

Against All Odds
History of the 2/18 Battalion A.I.F.
HB First Edition Scarce 1 Copy Only
Signed by Author
 Spitfires Over Darwin 1943
Rare 1 Copy Only
SC Fine Condition

Six Aces
Australian Fighter Pilots 1939-45
Rare 1 Copy Only
Banner Books SC Fine Condition

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Up The Straight
The Sunshine-Bacchus Marsh-Ballarat
Rail Corridor 1980 to 1995

World War I
The Definitive Visual Guide
From Saravejo To Versailles

ANZAC's Long Shadow
The Cost of our National Obsession

The Sea and Civilization
A Maritime History of the World

The Fateful Year England 1914
A Year that began in Peace
and ended in War