Friday, September 29, 2017

 Australia's War With France - The
Campaign in Syria and Lebanon, 1941.
SC $30
 Soldier - Uniforms of the
Australian Army and the Soldiers
Who Wore Them.
SC $75
Pompey Elliott at War - In
His Own Words.
HB $60

 Haynes Manual: RMS Queen Elizabeth 2
HC $40
 A London Locospotter Reflects:
Memories of Black and White Days.
SC $35
 Digital Railway Photography - Creative
Techniques & the Digital Darkroom.
SC $40
Ole Bill - London Buses and
the First World War.
SC $33
 Blitzkrieg: Myth, Reality and
Hitler's Lightning War - France, 1940.
Paperback Edition $25
 Hue 1968 - A Turning Point
of the American War in Vietnam.
Softcover Edition $33
Warfare in New Kingdom Egypt.
Hardcover $43
 Osprey Tiger.
Paperback Edition $38
 Osprey Panther.
Hardcover Edition $44
Russia's Last Gasp - The
Eastern Front 1916-17.
Softcover Edition $27
 Osprey Weapon No.57:
US Grenade Launchers, M79, M203 & M320.
SC $27
 Osprey Duel No.81: Sea Harrier FRS 1
vs Mirage III/Dagger, South Atlantic 1982.
SC $27
At War on the Gothic Line - Fighting
in Italy 1944-45.
Paperback Edition $24 
 New Osprey!
New Vanguard No.250: Maginot
Line Gun Turrets, and French Gun
Turret Development 1880-1940.
SC $25
 Aircraft of the Aces No.135:
Mig-21 Aces of the Vietnam War.
SC $30
Osprey Campaign No.312:
Operation Torch 1942 - The Invasion
of French North Africa.
SC $33

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Soviet-Israeli War
1967-1973: The USSR's Military
Intervention in the Egyptian-Israeli
Conflict. HB $55
 Osprey Duel 80:
Pershing vs Tiger,Germany 1945.
SC $26
 Osprey Campaign No.313:
The Philippine Sea 1944, The
Last Great Carrier Battle.
SC $33
Osprey Elite No.219:
D-Day Beach Assault Troops.
SC $24
 Soviet T-10 Heavy Tank and Variants.
Osprey HB $44
 Secret Army.
Allen & Unwin SC $33
Osprey Men at Arms No.513.
Dutch Armies of the 80 Years'
War 1568-1648 Volume 2.
Cavarly, Artillery & Engineers.
SC $25
Experiencing South Africa's
Deadly Bush War.
SC $50
 The Southern Way Issue No.39.
SC $37
British Tractors - A History of Tractors
Made or Used in Britain.
HC $60


Monday, September 18, 2017

Iron Roads in the Outback
The Legendary Commonwealth Railways

Friday, September 15, 2017

 Armor PhotoHistory No.5:
British Cruiser Tanks A9 & A10.
SC $76
 Cambridge Australian Army Series:
Guarding the Periphery - The
Australian Army in Papua New guinea,
1951-75. HB $60
Cambridge Australian Army Series:
Destroy and Build: Pacification in
Phuoc Tuy, 1966-72. HB $60

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Henschel Hs 123
Top Drawings 43

Naval Archives
Volume 4

The Italian Heavy Cruiser Pola
Super Drawings in 3D 16052

AW17 - Army Wheels in Detail -
 Truck 4X2 Light Utility: Morris 10HP & Standard 12HP

Su-25 Frogfoot in Detail B018 -
Soviet Attacker Su-25K Frogfoot Fully Uncovered

LMV Lince in Detail:
 LMV in the Belgian, British and Czech Armies G054 Photo Manual

Friday, September 8, 2017

 Steam Around Bristol - Railways
of the 1950s and 1960s
in Colour. HB $67
 Battle of Britain Combat
Archives No.5: 16 August - 18
August 1940. SC $60
 Russian Tactical Aviation
Since 2001. HB $85
The Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker - More
Than a Tanker. HB $70
Passchendaele 1917 - The
Tommies' Experience of the
Third Battle of Ypres.
HB $60

Monday, September 4, 2017

September Sale Special
50% off Airlife titles
on Specials Table Only
personal shoppers only
and blue 'dotted' books only.

Rochester To Richmond
A Thames Estuary Sailor's View

Chitral 1895
An Episode of the Great Game

Battle for the Channel
The First Month of the
Battle of Britain
10 July - 10 August 1940