Monday, July 25, 2011

A Pocket History
of the Civil War
Citizen Soldiers, Bloody Battles
and the Fight for America's Future
Battle Ground
The Greatest Tank Duels in History
French Foreign Legionnaire
Warrior No 157
The Revenge of the 47 Ronin
Edo 1703
Raid No 23
Roman Centurions
753-31 BC
The Kingdom and the Age of Consuls
Men At Arms No 470
P-40 Warhawk vs Bf 109
MTO 1942-44
Duel 38
Italian Battleships of World War II
New Vanguard No 182
The Fourth Crusade
The Betrayal of Byzantium 1202-04
Campaign No 237

The Northern Ireland Troubles
Operation Banner 1969-2007
Essential Histories 73
King Tiger vs IS-2
Duel 37
F-100 Super Sabre Units
of the Vietnam War
Osprey Combat Aircraft 89
British Campaign Medals
of the First World War
Lawrence of Arabia
Command 19
Command 18
The Last Blitz
Operation Steinbock
Luftwaffe Operations over Britain
January to June 1944
Myth and Reality
Airborne Warfare, Air Power
and the Failure of Operation Market Garden
Power at Sea
Three Volume Set
A Worldwide Illustrated History
Terror on the High Seas
From the Caribbean to
the South China Sea
The Ancient World at War
When Shall Their Glory Fade
The Stories of the Thirty-Eight
Battle Honours of the Army Commandos
The Confusion of Command
The War Memoirs of Lieutenant General
Sir Thomas D'Oyly Snow
For Kaiser and Hitler
From Military Aviator to Hugh Command
The Memoirs of Luftwaffe
General Alfred Mahncke 1910-1945

Armies of the Napoleonic Wars
An illustrated History

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Empire of the Clouds: When Britain's Aircraft Ruled the World
James Hamilton-Paterson

Flying Legends of World War II:
Archive and Colour Photographs of Famous Allied Aircraft
Phillip Handelman

Beware of Small States: Lebanon Battleground of the Middle East
David Hirst
Main Battle Tank
Niall Edworthy
The Perfect Nazi
Martin Davidson

With Our Backs to the Wall: Victory and Defeat in 1918
David Stevenson

The Berlin-Baghdad Express
Sean McMeekin

Blood Red Snow
Gunter K. Koschorrek

Tirpitz and the Imperial German Navy
Patrick J. Kelly

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Naval Aces of World War 1 - Part 1
Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 97
Tankograd No 5031
Supermarine Spitfire
Mk. IX/XVI and other
Topdrawings 11
Militar Fahrzeug 3/2011
Pz.Kpfw. 35(t)
WW2 Czechoslovak LT-35
LIGHT Tank in Wehrmecht Service
Panzerwaffe 1941-43 Part 1
mini Topcolors 22
Panzer II
Tankograd No 4016
NVA Tankograd No 03
Finnish Leopards
Tankograd No 8005
Exercito Portugues
Tankograd No 7022
Dana ShKH vz.77