Thursday, February 27, 2014

British Battles of the
Napoleonic Wars

Bomber Command
The War before The War

Kit Building
For Railway Modellers
Volume 2 - Locomotives & Multiple Units

The Magic of Old Tractors

A Century of ANZACS

Air War D-Day
Gold Juno Sword

The World's First Jet Airliner

Arnhem 1944
A Bridge Too Far?

Aces of the Reich
The Making of a Luftwaffe Fighter-Pilot

Jungle Warriors
From Tobruk to Kokoda and beyond,
how the Australian Army became the
world's most deadly jungle fighting force

Russian Armour
in the Second World War
Images of War

The Sword of David
The Israeli Air Force At War

Naval Aviation
in the Second World War
Images of War

Recollections of the Great War
in the Air
Eyewitnesses from The Great War

Thursday, February 20, 2014

F-111 & EF-111 Units in Combat
Osprey Combat Aircraft 102

Modern Combat Guns
Walnut, Steel and Uncommon Artistry

Bombing Nazi Germany
The Graphic History of the Allied Air
Campaign that defeated Hitler in World War II

The World's Fastest Rocket Plane and
The Pilots who Ushered in The Space Age

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Vietnam Vet's Remarkable Life
The True Meaning of Mateship

Venturing Into No Man's Land
Joseph Maxwell VC World War I Hero

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Welcome to Hyland’s Bookshop, the only specialist military and transport history full-time (Monday to Saturday) ‘bookshop’ left in Australia. This implies two things:

-         Firstly, the others have had to close for varying reasons, of which decreased demand for product is primary.

-         Secondly, we are still here and need your support. So why not visit soon and often, not to mention support us through mail-order, via the website or telephone.

Quality books continue being stocked over the whole range of our sections. Osprey continues to prosper through publishing additions to their popular series and expanding their war gaming books and new series, such as the Weapons and Air Vanguard. Current catalogues covering the next six months are here and available free to you.

Our first delivery of American University Press books arrived last week with a variety of themes with an emphasis on the Eastern Front in WW2. All book covers are instantly available to view with detailed descriptions when listed on the website and of course, can also be viewed on the blog.

The tenders for replacement of the lift were finalized on Friday; therefore we are hoping that the work will proceed promptly. We will have a lift commissioning, or a ‘Lift You Up’ sales when it happens.

While on the topic of the unserviceable lift, people react to the stair climb in different ways. A 93 year old ex-POW from North Africa and Italy doesn’t even puff or complain. I know my legs are a lot fitter these days.

The very hot weather through January and February has affected attendance, so now that the milder days have come, why not return and personally view the treats.

John Baxter has submitted a very interesting review on the forthcoming F-4 Phantom publication from Classic Books.

Don’t forget that the IPMS Wings and Tracks 2014 is coming up. It will be on the new date of 13 April and at the new venue of the Copland Room of the Ashburton Library.

We hope that you appreciate the content of the newsletter and please feel free to give us feedback via email or in person.

Good Reading,

Neil and the team at Hyland’s

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Wehrmacht Retreats
Fighting a Lost War, 1943

Like Dreamers
The Story of the Israeli Paratroopers
Who Reunited Jerusalem and Divided a Nation

Scarlet Fields
The Combat Memoir of a World War I
Medal of Honor Hero

The History of an
Unwinnable War

Return of a King
The Battle for Afghanistan

The North African Air Campaign
US Army Air Forces from El Alamein to Salerno

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Hundred Day Winter War
Finland's Gallant Stand Against
The Soviet Army

The Stalingrad Cauldron
Inside the Encirclement and Destruction
of the 6 th Army

The OSS in Burma
Jungle War Against The Japanese

Battalion Commanders At War
US Army Tactical Leadership in the
Mediterranean Theater, 1942-1943

Mussolini's Death March
Eyewitness accounts of Italian
Soldiers on the Eastern Front

From Boer War To World War
Tactical Reform of the British Army

Special Operations In World War II
British and American Irregular Warfare

Uncovering History
Archaeological Investigations
Of The Little Bighorn

Wavell In The Middle East
A Study in Generalship

Finish Forty And Home
The Untold World War II Story of
B-24s in the Pacific

The Red Line
The Gripping Story of the RAF's
Bloodiest Raid on Hitler's Germany

USS Monitor
A Historic Ship Completes its
Final Voyage

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Trackstory 13
Char B1

Focus No9
Panther Ausf A

Nuts & Bolts - Vol 31
 Marder II PANZERjager II Fur 7.5cm Pak 40/2 (Sd.Kfz. 131)

British Military Trucks of World War One
Types and Variants of British Built and Non British Built Trucks in British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Flying Corps Service 1914-1918

Friday, February 7, 2014

Medicos and Memories.
Further Recollections of the
2/10th Field Regiment.
PB $44

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Medal Yearbook 2014

The Great War
From The Air
Then and Now