Friday, January 31, 2014

Modelling the Southern Vol.2
The Electric Effect

British Tractors 1945-1965.
HB $70
 Gun Digest Book of Tactical Weapons

 Mastering the Art of
Long-Range Shooting

2014 Standard Catalog of Firearms
24th Edition.
 The Last of the 39-ers.
The Extraordinary Wartime Experiences of
Squadron Leader Alfie Fripp.
HB $40

 Nelson, Navy & Nation.
The Royal Navy & the British People
HB $40

 The Civil War Generals.
Comrades, Peers, Rivals in 
Their Own Words.
HB $40

Cobber Kain.
The RAF's First WWII Ace.
Cardcover $70

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stuka Attack
The Dive-Bombing Assault on England
During the Battle of Britain

Famous Royal Air Force Fighter Station
An Authorised History

The Long Road
Trials and Tribulations of Airmen Prisoners
from Stalag Luft VII (Bankau) to Berlin,
June 1944 - May 1945

The Flying Scotsman Pocket-Book
LNER No 4472 1923

Elizabeth's Sea Dogs
How the English became the Scourge of the Seas

Mapping Britain's Lost Branch Lines
A Nostalgic Look at Britain's Branch
Lines in Old Maps and Photographs

Duel 57
Q Ship vs U-Boat

Weapon 32
Browning .30-Caliber
Machine Guns

Civil War
Fort Sumter to Appomattox

New Vanguard 209
French Tanks of World War II (1)

Men-at-Arms 493
Hitler's Blitzkrieg Enemies 1940
Denmark, Norway, Netherlands & Belgium

Osprey Wargames 6
A Fistful of Kung Fu
Hong Kong's Movie Wargame  Rules

Raid 43
Kill Rommel!
Operation Flipper 1941

Target Rabaul
The Allied Siege of Japan's Most
Infamous Stronghold,
March 1943 - August 1945

Campaign 259
The Chesapeake Campaigns 1813-15
Middle Ground of the War of 1812

Campaign 268
Operation Neptune 1944
D-Day's Seaborne Armada

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tribes of Ancient Britain and Germany
Military History from Primary Sources

The Quintinshill Conspiracy
The Shocking True Story Behind
Britain's Worst Rail Disaster

Waffen-SS On the Western Front 1940-1945
Images of War

Exercise Tiger
The Forgotten Sacrifice of
the Silent Few

Churchill's Secret Invasion
Britain's First Large-Scale
Combined Operations Offensive 1942

Captains of the Soul
A History of Australian Army Chaplains

Bismarck and Hood
The Battle of the Denmark Strait
A Technical Analysis for a New Perspective

China Station
The British Military in the
Middle Kingdom 1839-1997

The Siege of Brest 1941
A Legend of Red Army Resistance
on the Eastern Front

The Kaiser's Pirates
Hunting Germany's Raiding Cruisers

Imperial Brothers
Valentinian, Valens and the
Disaster at Adrianople

Fields of Death
Retracing Ancient Battlefields

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Life and Death of Germany's
Last Super Battleship

Battles of Ancient China

Air War Market Garden
A Bridge Too Far?

The Devil's Garden
Rommel's Desperate Defense of
Omaha Beach on D-Day

The Battalion
The Dramatic Story of the
2nd Ranger Battalion in WWII

Building a Miniature Navy Board Model

Antiochus The Great

British Battleships

British Military Medals
A Guide for the Collector
and Family Historian

Broke of the Shannon
and the War of 1812

Assault From The Sky
Marine Corps Helicopter
Operations in Vietnam

Behind The Lines
A Critical Survey of Special
Operations in World War II

U.S. Army Insignia (Shoulder Patches)
1941-1945 Volume 1

Making Model Railway Buildings