Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vulcan's Hammer
V-Force Projects and Weapons
Since 1945
Ordnungspolizei Vol.1
Encyclopedia of the German Police Battalions
September 1939-July 1942
The Junkers Ju.87 Stuka
A complete History

Monday, August 22, 2011

Letters from Timor
I Confess
A Memoir of the Siege of Tobruk
The Gothic War
Rome's Final Conflict in the West
Windsock Vol 27, No 4
July/August 2011
Windsock Datafile 148
Through Blue Skies to Hell
America's "Bloody 100th" in the Air War
over Germany
War Like The Thunderbolt
The Battle and Burning of Atlanta
Hannibal's march
Alps & Elephants
Whale Hunter
Seafarers' Voices 6
Life of a Sailor
Seafarers' Voices 5
Crossing the Rapido
A Tragedy of World War II
Great Western Coaches
In Colour
Regent V
Men and Battles 6
Joan of Arc and the passage to victory
The Siege of Orleans and the
Loire Campaign
Japanese Heavy Cruisers
Myoko and Takao classes
Grand Fleet Battlecruisers
The German Invasion of Norway
April 1940

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stalingrad to Kursk
Geoffrey Jukes
The Rhodesian War
Moorcraft and McLaughlin

The Battle for Flanders
Chris Baker

The Battle of Bellicourt Tunnel
Dale Blair

Artillery of the Great War
Strong and Marble

Air Raid Shelters of the Second World War
Stephen Wade
Teddy Suhren: Aces of Aces
Teddy Shuren

Pill Boxes on the Western Front
Peter Oldham

The Pacific Naval War 1941-1945
David Wragg

The Ohio and Malta
Michael Pearson

The Intelligencers
Brian Parritt
War of the White Death
Bair Irincheev

Dunkirk to the Rhineland
Charles Murrell

Six of Monty's Men
Adrian Stewart

Flying Start
Hugh Dundas

The Crimean War At Sea
Peter Duckers
Battle on the Seven Seas
Gary Staff

Convoy SC122 & HX229
Martin Middlebrook

Panzers In the Sand. Vol 1. 1935-41.
Bernd Hartmann

Blitzkrieg Russia
Sutherland and Canwell

Retreat to Berlin
Ian Baxter

Thursday, August 18, 2011