Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Railway Experience
Weapon of Choice


Duel 67
Spitfire II/V vs Bf 109F

Bolt Action
Campaign Battle of the Bulge


Campaign 304
Darwin 1942


Weapon 53
The FN Minimi Light Machine Gun


Elite 217
The Modern Russian Army 1992-2016


Combat 23
New Zealand Infantryman vs
German Motorcycle Soldier


New Vanguard 243
South African Armour of the Border War


Monday, February 27, 2017

Bully Beef & Balderdash
Volume II
More Myths of the AIF
examined and debunked

Friday, February 24, 2017

From Great Depths - The
Wrecks of HMAS Sydney (II) and
HSK Kormoran.
HB $70

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Japanese Battleship Fuso 1944 -
Super Drawings in 3D - 16048
SC $58

The Japanese Destroyer Akizuki -
Top drawings 7038
SC $42

Australian Army Campaign Series - 17:
The Battles of Bullecourt 1917
SC $20 
Japanese Battleships 1905-1942
HC $66

On Atlas' Shoulders:
RAF Transport Projects Since 1945

HC $75

London Bus Garages & Allocations
SC $20

Friday, February 10, 2017

 Hitler's Arctic War - The German
Campaigns in Norway, Finland
and the USSR 1940-1945.
SC $45
 Hitler's Ardennes Offensive - The
German View of the Battle of
the Bulge.
SC $40
 The Mongol Art of War.
SC $45
Lessons Learned - The Australian
Military and Tropical Medicine.
HC $36
 Tankcraft No.2: Sherman Tanks -
British Army and Royal Marines,
Normandy Campaign 1944.
SC $45
 The Unseen Aquitania - The Ship
in Rare Illustrations.
HC $60
The 27th Waffen-SS Volunteer
Grenadier Division Langemarck.
An Illustrated History.
HC $60
 Britain's Declining Secondary
Railways Through the 1960s.
HB $75
 Osprey Elite 211: The SAS
SC $25
Creating a Backscene - A Railway
Modelling Companion.
HC $70
 Images of War - Armoured Warfare
in the First World War 1916-1918
SC $45
 The White Sniper, Simo Hayha -
The Deadliest Sniper in History.
HB $50
British and Commonwealth Warship
Camouflage of WWII Volume 3.
HB $90
 Under a Blood Red Sun - The
Remarkable Story of PT Boats
in the Philippines and the Rescue
of General Macarthur.
HB $50
 Vanished Hero - The Life,War,
and Mysterious Disappearance
of America's World War II
Strafting King.
HB $70
Double Diamonds - Australian
Commandos in the Pacific War 1941-45
SC $40
 Aces, Airmen and the Biggin
Hill Wing - A Collective
Memoir 1941-1942.
HB $75
 Wellington's Eastern Front: The
Campaigns on the East Coast
of Spain 1810-1814
HB $75
 Beneath the Killing Fields,
Exploring the Subterranean
Landscapes of the Western Front.
HB $60
The Knights Hospitaller: A
Military History of the Knights
of St. John.
HB $60

Friday, February 3, 2017

 ABC Modern Signalling Handbook.
5th Edition SC $33
 Lewes & East Grinstead Railway, 
The Bluebell Line.
HC $50
Hornby 2017 Magazine Yearbook.
HC $45
 Century of the Soldier No.6.
The First British Army 1624-1628,
The Army of the Duke of
HC $60
 Century of the Soldier No.9.
The Battle of Montgomery, 1644
The English Civil War in the
West Borderlands.
SC $45
 1016 & 1066.
Why the Vikings Caused the
Norman Conquest.
SC $ 30
Panzergrenadiers to the Front!
The Combat History of
Panzergrenadier Division 'Brandenburg'
on the Eastern Front.
Includes Mapbook HC $125
 The Nazi Death Camps - Then and Now.
Large HC $125
New After the Battle No.174 - The
Battle of Vercors.
SC $ 14

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Diary of Sonny Ormrod DFC
Malta Fighter Ace

The Apache in European Service

Line of Fire

At War on the Gothic Line
Fighting in Italy 1944-45

North Men
The Viking Saga
793 - 1241

The Brilliant Outsider
George Ingle Finch, the boy from the bush
who set out to conquer the world