Thursday, January 28, 2016

Atlas of the Eastern Front
(with slip case)

Stone Cold
The Extraordinary True Story of Len Opie
Australia's Deadliest Soldier

Monday, January 25, 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016

 Terrible Swift Sword - Union
Artillery, Cavalry and Infantry, 1861-1865.
G.I. Series SC $40

 Custer and his Commands from
West Point to Little Bighorn.
G.I. Series.
SC $40

 The Cold War Spy Pocket Manual.
HB $25

 The Typhoon Truce, 1970.
Three Days in Vietnam when
Nature Intervened in the War.
HB $50

From Ice Floes to Battlefields -
Scott's 'Antarctics' in the 
First World War.
HB $48
Zulu Victory - The Epic of
Isandlwana and the Cover-Up.
SC $55 

 The Lines of Torres Vedras.
HB $65

Austrian Infantry of the 
Seven Years War - Uniforms
Organisation & Equipment.
HB $145
The Hunger War - Food, Rations
& Rationing 1914-1918.
HB $80 

 Breaking Point of the French Army:
The Nivelle Offensive of 1917.
HB $63

Horses of the Great War - The
Story in Art.
HB $80

The Light Railways of Britain & Ireland.
HB $80
 The Fall of the Seleukid Empire.
HB $65

 Brutus of Troy and the Quest
for the Ancestry of the British.
HB $65

Wellington's Redjackets: The 45th
Nottinghamshire Regiment on
Campaign in South America &
the Peninsula, 1805-14.
HB $80
 First In - The Airborne Pathfinders.
A History of 21st Independent Parachute
Company 1942-1946.
HB $63

 Blood and Steel 3: The 
Wehrmacht Archive - The 
Ardennes Offensive Dec 1944 to Jan 1945.
HB $63

Agent Michael Trotobas and SOE
in Northern France.
HB $80
 Flight Craft No.8 Mikoyan Mig-31
SC $55

 Europa Militaria Special.
The Medieval Fighting Man: 
Costume & Equipment 800-1500
SC $55

 Officers and Soldiers No 24.
French Dragoons Volume 1: 1669-1749
SC $63

 Officers and Soldiers No 25.
French Dragoons Volume 2: 1750-1792
SC $55 
 Sixty Years of Airfix Models.
HB $90

Ships For All Nations - John Brown
& Company Clydebank 1847-1971.
Seaforth HB $125  

Heraldry of the Oceans: The Garb
of the Merchant Seafarer.
SC $50

HMS Pickle - The Swiftest
Ship in Nelson's Trafalgar Fleet.
HB $38
 Very Special Ships - Abdiel Class
Fast Minelayers of World War Two.
Seaforth Publishing HB $95

 The British Battleship 1906-1946.
Seaforth Publishing HB $140

The British Carrier Strike Fleet
After 1945.
Seaforth Publishing HB $110
 Seaforth World Naval Review 2016.
HB $95

 Modern Warfare Series: Soviet
Cold War Weaponary - Aircraft
Warships, Missiles and Artillery.
SC $48

The Last Big Gun - At War &
At Sea With HMS Belfast.
HB $65
'Total Germany' - The Royal
Navy's War Against the Axis
Powers 1939-1945.
HB $80 

The Watery Grave - The Life
and Death of HMS Manchester.
HB $63 

Schnellboote - A Complete
Operational History.
HB $80
Images of War: US Infantry Weapons
of the Second World War.
SC $50

 Images of War: Armoured Warfare
in the Far East 1937-1945.
SC $50

 Images of War: Hitler's Artillery
SC $48

Images of War: M1 Abrams Tank.
SC $55
 Sedan 1870 - The Eclipse of France.
SC Edition $50

 The Rhodesian War - Fifty Years On
 SC Edition $40

Honourable Warriors - Fighting
the Taliban in Afghanistan.
SC $50

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Paint Locker Magic
A History of Naval Aviation
Special Markings and Artwork

VW Kubelwagen/Schwimmwagen
VW Type 82 Kubelwagen (1940-45)/
VW Type 128/166 Schwimmwagen (1942-44)
Enthusiasts' Manual

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust Tornado
New Peppercorn Class A1, 2008 Onwards
Owners' Workshop Manual

Steam Locomotive Driver's Manual
The step-by-step Guide to preparing, firing
and driving a Steam Locomotive

Combat Aircraft  113
F-51 Mustang Units of the Korean War

New Vanguard 229
US Standard-Type Battleships 1941-45 (2)
Tennessee, Colorado and Unbuilt Classes