Friday, July 28, 2017

 Inglorious Empire: What the 
British Did to India.
SC $33

 The Shipwreck Hunter.
SC $33

DK Book. The Tank Book - The
Definitive Visual History of
Armoured Vehicles.
Large HB $50
 Osprey Combat No.26: Boer Guerrilla
versus British Mounted Soldier - South
Africa 1880-1902.
SC $30

 Osprey New Vanguard No.248:
Imperial Japanese Navy Antisubmarine
Escorts 1941-45.
SC $25

 Osprey Combat Aircraft No.121:
A-6 Intruder Units 1974-96.
SC $30

Osprey Campaign No. 310: The 
Bar Kokhba War AD 132-126, the last
Jewish Revolt Against Imperial rome.
SC $33
Conway Warship 2017 Edition.
HC $70 

 Sir John Franklin's Erebus and
Terror Expedition, Lost and Found.
SC $39

Shadow Over the Atlantic: The
Luftwaffe and the U-Boats, 1943-45.
HC $48
Bandit Mentality: Hunting
Insurgents in the Rhodesian Bush
War, A Memoir.
SC $47

 The Addis Ababa Massacre -
Italy's National Shame.
HB $65

 Understanding the Ypres Salient-
An Illuminating Battlefield Guide.
SC $45

The Charge - The Australian
Light Horse Victory at Beersheba.
SC $35
 A Captain's Ransom - A 
Terrifying True Story of Modern
Day Piracy.
SC $23

 GWR Goods Train Working - From
Control Offices to Exceptional Loads.
HC $70

 The Man Inside - The Bloodiest
Ourbreak. SC $30

The Glass Soldier.
HB $35

Monday, July 24, 2017

Sons & Soldiers
The Jews who Escaped the Nazis
and returned for Retribution

Friday, July 21, 2017

Ian K. Baker's Aviation
History Colouring Book No.88.
Markings in Transition, RAF
in the Far East 1941-43: 
RAF Mohawks IVs.
SC $15

Monday, July 17, 2017

Allied Intelligence
Handbook to the German Army

Game of Spies
The Secret Agent, The Traitor and The Nazi

Radical Technologies

Storm of Eagles
The Greatest Aviation Photographs of World war II

Friday, July 14, 2017

 Best Foot Forward - The
Autobiography of the RAF's
Other Legless Fighter Pilot.
HB $53
 Waterloo Messenger - The
Life of Henry Percy.
HB $65
 Wooden Warship Construction - A
History in Ship Models by Brian Lavery.
HB $65
Junkers Military Aircraft of World War Two.
HB $60
 Images of War: Armoured Warfare
and the Waffen-SS 1944-1945.
SC $40
 Gold Run: The Rescue of
Norway's Gold Bullion From
the Nazis, April 1940.
SC $33
The War For Africa - Twelve
Months that Transformed a
HC $63
 Da Nang Diary: A Forward
Air Controller's Gunsight View
of Flying with SOG.
SC Edition $33
 Terror in the Tunnels: Britain's
Dangerous Railway History.
SC $25
The Barbary Corsairs - Warfare
in the Mediterranean 1480-1580.
SC $45

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hyland's Bookshop will be attending the

League of Ancients

Field of Glory Napoleonic Tournament

on 16th July at

German Club Tivoli, 291 Dandenong Road, Windsor