Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Digger's View- WWI in Colour
Juan Mahoney


A first glance review by the Hyland’s staff.

The Digger’s View – WWI in Colour
By Juan Mahony,

With the centenary of the outbreak of war in 1914, we’re expecting a flood of titles onto the market this year. One of the first cabs off the rank is the latest from Juan Mahoney, author of From the Home Front to the Front Line - Images of the Great War.

We must admit that ‘colourised’ photograph books can be a bit hit and miss, however, having said that, we were more than pleased to find that this book is visually stunning and the photographs have been colourised with an attention to detail that we have not seen before. For example, rather than being a dull mass of green, the uniforms within the photos exhibit the colour differences that one would expect in actual colour photographs. For example, Australian, British made Australian and British uniforms can be seen to be different shades, even within the same photograph. This highlights thoroughness that Mr. Mahony has put into the production of the book. In fact it, in what must have been a labor of love, it took him 5 years to produce it.

At $55, this visually impressive hardcover 270 page book is a must have for anyone interested in Australian military history in general or the First World War Digger in particular.

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