Saturday, September 27, 2014

WWII German Solo Motorcycles in Detail -
WWII German Light Solo Motorcycles - R074 Photo Manual

U.S. Army Earth Movers Part One in Detail -
U.S. WWII Dozers, Graders and Scrapers - R075 Photo Manual

CMP C8A HUP in Detail - J. Baxter's and I. Jedlicka's Finfly Restored Office and Staff Vehicles
R076 Photo Manual

Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank Vol. II -
Photosniper 11

The Battleship Bismarck -
Super Drawings in 3D - 16028

The Battleship HMS Duke of York -
TopdraWings 7019

Luftwaffe Crash Archive Volume 5 - A Documentary History of Every Enemy Aircraft Brought Down Over the United Kingdom: 28th September 1940 to 27th October 1940

Battle on the Lomba 1987:
The Day a South African Armoured Battalion Shattered Angola's Last Mechanised Offensive

Flying Film Stars:
The Directory of Aircraft in British World War Two Films

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