Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mud & Bodies: The War Diaries and Letters of Captain N.A.C. Weir, 1914-1920

1813 Empire at Bay: The Sixth Coalition &the Downfall of Napoleon

British Steam Pacific Power

No.387: Renault R35 Vol.2 Tank Power Vol. CXXX

No.388: T-34/85 Tank Power Vol. CXXXI

No.389: Hotchkiss H35/H39 Tank Power Vol. CXXXII

No.390: Captured German Ad Hungarian AFVs Tank Power Vol. CXXXIII
No.392: Panzerabwehr Artillerie Tank Power Vol. CXXXV

Tankograd Militar Fahrzeug - 4/2013

Tankograd-Militarfahrzeug No. 5044 -  Eagle IV Wheeled Armoured Vehicle in Modern German Service

Tankograd-Militarfahrzeug No. 5045 -  The 7-Tonne 6x6 KHD Jupiter Truck in Modern German Army Service

Tankograd - Wehrmacht Special No 4020 - The French Somua Tank in German Service 1940-45 1943-1945

AW12 - Army Wheels in Detail - British Military Motocycles in World War Two

RG-31 MRAP Part One in Detail G033 Photo Manual 

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